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Leading The Way In CADCAM Design


       I would like to introduce you to Phoenix CADCAM Services Ltd. Phoenix employ skilled and proficient engineers fully experienced in all aspects of CAD/CAM engineering, as well as component design associated with tool-making, mould making, pattern making, blow moulding, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.


We use the very latest in hardware and software to give you the shortest lead times and most accurate data. The systems we work on are Delcam’s Powershape and Powermill, which allow us to offer services covering:-


Complete 3D solid or surface modelling

Whether from digitized data, Mylar drawings, component drawings, 3D wire-frame or any other forms of customer data.


Modelling of tool surfaces

Spanning: -

Press tool standard kits, progression or transfer tools. We cover the creation of new tooling or modifications to existing tooling.

Welding and Checking fixtures.

Injection Mould Tools

Blow Mould Tools

Pattern Equipment in a variety of materials (Wood, Metal and Resin)

Gravity Die Casting Tools

Pressure Die Casting Tools

Wax Pattern Dies and Core Dies for the aerospace industry.


Full machining package

We provide NC cutterpaths for all of the above tooling and in addition :-

Prototype Ureol and Resin Models                                           Production Tooling

Prototype / Pre-production Tooling                                          Poly patterns


Media accepted

CD-ROM, DVD, 4mm dat tape and 3˝" floppy disc.

Data Transfer Interfaces: IGES, VDA, DXF, DUCT model.

We cover all post-processors

Auto Data Transfer: Email and Internet


We hope the information provided above may prove useful to you. We would be happy to discuss any CAD/CAM requirements you may have.



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